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Why Just Learn Music

While parents recognize the value of music and arts in developing the cultural sensibilities of young minds & would like to encourage their children to take Music as a Vocational elective - Parents would like to see the same level of rigor in teaching and learning Music as with a prescribed Academic Course Curriculum and at the same time it should help their children in their Careers. 

Advantages of International Graded Music Certification: Extra-curricular Certificate (useful for Admission to International colleges WW), UCAS Points credits for Grades 6 to 8 - for those applying for Colleges and Universities in the UK, Progression route towards Diplomas in Performance and Teaching music and music courses, Employment opportunities in music etc.  To know more about International Graded Music Exams click here -

“After 25 years of teaching Music, it pains me when I look around and find that those who are keen to pursue music as a career option or just learn music for the love of it do not have too many options available”says Kevin D’souza - Chief Mentor and co-founder of Just Learn Music.

What if,

  • We were able to provide students with that Competitive edge in the market – by enabling them to prepare for Worldwide Music Certification Exams during their weekly Music Class or as a Post School Activity – that could help them in their careers going forward by earning an Extra-Curricular Certificate or pursuing music as a career option or even learning music just for the love of it.
  • We were able to provide for Quality Education – A Structured Curriculum which supports Graded Music Exams and leading to Certification will find more acceptability amongst Students and Parents.
  • Each student had their own individual ID & Password, that allowed them 24*7 (365 days) access to Simple and Structured Video Course Material, enabling them to continue learning at their own pace and from the comforts of their home, whenever they wish to and for as many times as they want to – thereby supplementing the music teaching efforts in school.
  • We were able to address the chronic challenge of the scarcity of good Music teachers and also the availability of Music Teachers (in terms of proximity to a student’s residence and also the availability of a particular time slot for learning music as per the convenience of the student).
  • We were able to enable & support a Music Teacher to teach more than one Musical Stream (Theory of Music, Vocals, etc)address the chronic challenge of the availability & level of Proficiency of a Music Teacher?
  • We were able to supplement the efforts of a Music Teacher while preparing students for graded exams?

JustLearnMusic (conceptualized by a Music Teacher), is an On-line platform, institutionalizing the teaching and the learning process of music by developing Innovative teaching aids using Technology to help students learn music in a simple, structured and comprehensive manner and at a fraction of the Investment that they would normally pay for learning & preparing for Worldwide Music Certification Exams.


Increase Music Literacy with the ambition that Everyone should Learn Music.


Teach and Prepare students for Worldwide Music Certification Exams that can help them in their careers going forward by earning an Extra Curricular Certificate or as a Career Option or in fulfilling their passion to just learn music for the love of it.


• Create Value for our Customers through Simplicity and Innovation using Technology.

• Trust in our Relationship with Customers and Partners. 




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Joshua D’Silva

Music Teaching Simplified

Kevin follows a simplified and structured approach to teaching music.
He is able to look at a piece of music, understand the uniqueness of that piece and explain the theory of music behind that piece before going on to teach you How to play that piece.|
His patience and quest for perfection in teaching “How to play the music piece” is commendable and I am sure with this New On-line teaching Venture a lot of people would be able to benefit.



Learn Music Online

I have been a student of Kevin’s for the last 5 years. Each year, besides learning new popular songs, I have been able to give the TCL Level 1,2,3,4,5 exams and I am currently working on giving my 6th grade….Kevin simplifies music concepts, thus making it very simple & easy for a student to learn quickly.
I wish him all the success in this On-line venture, which I believe would go a long way in helping students who do not have access to a good music teacher or do not have time to go for face to face coaching BUT at the same time keen to learn Music and give International exams via self-paced coaching and from the comforts of their home and at their own convenient time. 

Kunal Prasad 

My Mentor

Kevin has taught me the violin and has a rare knack of making complex playing techniques appear simple by breaking the procedure up into smaller understandable pieces.
Techniques like vibrato, bow control and concepts like scales and arpeggios for both major and minor scales, etc., has made me complete my TCL 6th Grade. With his mentoring, I am now more confident to achieve my music goals….I am excited to learn about this online venture.


Kevin D'Souza

Chief Mentor and Co-Founder

A Baritone with a merited Eight Grade from the Trinity College of London, Kevin, is a very experienced singer whose music career spans around 35 years. 

It started off in the church as a young boy of seven when he would accompany his sisters in the Adult Choir and to the amazement of the conductor, would pick up all the four voice parts so much so that he would be asked to sing and assist all the four voice parts of Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass.

Kevin started his musical career with Mini Beats - a dance band, in which he played the Bass Guitar and lead vocals for two years. After that, he formed his own band – ‘ECSTASY’ and played the lead guitar and was also the lead vocals. With the Band scene fading away due to time restrictions at the venues, Kevin focussed on his software business but as the need for music teachers increased, Kevin took up to training students on the Violin, Guitar & Vocals. He is currently the music teacher in Fort Convent School, Colaba, The Alexandra Girls’ English Institution, Fort and for the past 15 years has successfully sent up students for Guitar, Violin, Theory of Music & Vocals Grade Exams conducted by the Trinity College London.

Kevin compiles, writes music scores, conducts and trains his choir "The SINGSPIRATORS". That has performed at the NCPA, Royal Opera House and Various Churches & Gymkhanas.

Aldrin D'Souza

CEO and Co-Founder

Aldrin comes with over 25+ years of experience in the IT Industry, having worked in TCS, Wipro BT, and IBM.

He has spent the last 19+ years in IBM India, having done multiple roles including Sales, Brand Management, Marketing, Business Operations, Channel Management, and managing Customer Relationships.

Over the last 10+ years, Aldrin has had the opportunity of doing 3 Executive Roles in IBM - Country Manager India for a Software Brand after which he went on to lead a software business unit for IBM for the Asia Pacific region and then served as the COO for Sales & Operations for IBM Software in India.

Aldrin believes in a Client First attitude & has experience in turning around, scaling businesses & being a change agent.

Hobbies include reading, Investing, listening to music. Aldrin has 2 doting daughters – one is 13 years old and a merited 4th Grade TCL Piano player and the younger one is 8 years old and is training for the TCL Piano Initial Grade exams.

Our Team
Amit Athaide

Tenor and Piano Player

Amit is a passionate singer who is a Tenor in the Choir - Singspirators. He plays the piano and teaches children the piano and singing. He is the assistant voice trainer and theory of music instructor at the music institute Scaling High. 

A Grade 5 student from the Trinity College of London, Amit has a great love for teaching children. he has performed at The NCPA, The Royal Opera house,  Wellington Gymkhana, and many church programs and festivals.

Catherine D'Souza
Music Subject Matter Expert

Kate has been a musically inclined person and started singing at the tender age of 3. Noticing her interest, her parents enrolled her for violin classes at the tender age of 4. Since then she has learned the Violin, Organ, Keyboard, and Guitar. Kate is a merited Grade 5  in Music Theory and has been teaching music for over 10 years in Calangute, Goa. Over the years Kate has been sending students for Trinity College Examinations in Music Theory, Violin, and Piano.

She is also involved in the Stuthi Choral group and spends her free time training the young voices at St. Josephs Orphanage.

Jill Tauro
Music Subject Matter Expert

Jill always had music in her life. At the age of three, she was the youngest member of her church choir. She started learning to play the violin at the age of 7 but switched to the piano when she was 11 years.

Jill is a merited 8th-grade Pianist from Trinity College London and has successfully sent children up for the Trinity Guildhall exams.

Jill has also taught singing in Nihar school, Malad - a school for special children besides teaching music at the Legacy International School, Bangalore and at Balaji International School, Mumbai.

Sarah Shailendra

Vocal Instructor

Sarah is a Grade 5 student from the Trinity College of London.  Plays for her church band and trains Choirs for competitions.

She has also been a Soprano in the Choir - Singspirators. She has performed at The NCPA, Wellington Gymkhana and in many church programs and festivals.

Anil Lawrence
Singer/Music Educator

 Anil has had the privilege of Performing with some of the best choirs in Mumbai namely The Paranjoti Academic Chorus, The Singspirators, The Proclaimers (Spiritual) and the St Thomas Cathedral Chorus under the baton of accomplished conductors from Mumbai and overseas. 

Anil’s passion to be a Music Educator has driven him to take up the mantle of the Music Teacher at an International School in Mumbai besides directing the Church Choir and also train children for school events.

Anil is a merited 5th Grade in Singing (Western Classical) and also a merited Grade 3rd Grade in Music Theory from Trinity College London.


Pricilla D'Souza
Director Operations

Pricilla has done her MBA in Finance and Masters in Accounts and has worked in the Corporate World for 15 years. She lives in Mumbai and has a blog of her own and

Pricilla is adept at Operations having spent more of her Corporate Career in Backend Operations, both in a Stock Exchange and in a Bank.

She enjoys reading, writing and trying out new recipes.
Sherwin Vaz
Director Sales

Sherwin comes with over 20 years + experience in direct sales, having worked in Standard Chartered, HSBC, Citibank, Barclays Bank, Exide Life, and Cigna Health. 

Over the last 20 years, Sherwin has moved up the ladder from an Executive to a Business Head managing a pan-India Sales team. 

Sherwin has a Client First Attitude, a persevering attitude to make things happen and is also a Team player.

Hobbies include listing to music, watching sports and is a big foodie.

Ryana Carvalho
Director Marketing & Technology

Ryana is a chemist with a deep interest in what makes the world work. She has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. Her hobbies include reading, playing board games and debating philosophy. 

Besides having a very strong understanding of Technology, she has been instrumental in implementing various new technologies for Organisations.

She also has a natural flair for problem-solving and idea ideation which is useful in developing Sales and Marketing Strategies for Top Tier Organisations.

Fernando Dias

Legal Counsel

Fernando Dias is a lawyer based out of Mapusa, Goa, who has more than 5 years of experience as an independent legal practitioner. He graduated with BGL and LLB (Hons.) from V. M Salgaocar College of Law, Goa and has further completed his Masters in Intellectual Property from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

He has worked with GE Oil & Gas in Scotland as a contract specialist and also as a guest lecturer in law at V. M Salgaocar College of Law and Fr Agnel's Engineering College Goa. 

Features of Just Learn Music

  • Teaching Music with an Objective/Purpose

    Teaching & preparing students for Music Certification Exams which could help them in their Careers going forward by earning an Extra Curricular Certificate or pursuing music as a career option or even learning music just for the love of it.

  • Any place, At Any Time (24*7)

    The On-line Platform is available 24*7 (365 days) - Access via PC, Laptop, Mobile etc. Learn from the Comforts of your Home - whenever you want to and for as many times as you want to.

  • Trained Faculty

    25+ Years Experience in teaching & preparing students for Worldwide Music Certification Exams and supported by a team of Certified Music Teachers.

  • Teaching Methodology 

    Own "Tried & Tested" Learning Methodology.

  • Course Content

    Simple, Structured Video Course Content based on a Syllabus and includes Visuals / diagrams, Practise Exercises / Instructions etc.

  • Courses Available

    Currently, available Course content is on Singing / Classical (Vocals) and supported by physical textbooks. 


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